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What is Craps?

Craps is also highly popular among real gambling enthusiasts. This ancient game was played in the mighty Roman Empire. Stern soldiers in their leisure time used to throw pig knuckles instead of dice having an inverted shield as their board. Today Craps is a respectable card game of both real and virtual casinos.

Major Tips for Playing Craps

Starting a game of Craps make sure you remember all its rules and strategies by heart! Many potential Craps players can be frightened away by the intimidating atmosphere of this card game. The point is that some experienced players enjoy speaking in an insulting or even unprintable manner, but those beginners who risk having a go soon realize the game is worth it!

The Crap table has two identical ends being in fact mirror reflections of each other. The game involves as many players as possible. Two dices are used which means any player can have a combination from 2 to 12 points. Live casinos often replace the dice to avoid any damages meaning unfair play – sometimes the new set of two dice does not stay on the table for more than 8 hours.

Players roll the dice in turn. The person throwing dice at the moment is called the shooter. While the shooter is rolling the dice other participants place their bets on the table. The game comprises two rounds. Two dealers, a box-man and a stickman closely watch the players all the time. The dealers collect and give out the bets. The box-man supervises the dealers. The stickman announces the winners and tells the dealers to pay the winning players.

Craps is Fun!

Craps does not require any experience to win. All you have to do is to understand the major rules of the game and to learn calculating your winning odds. Craps always offers its enthusiasts a fascinating amount of prizes as well as new thrilling encounters and meeting new friends. Playing Craps online you will get the fun and entertainment you have been looking for and will spend the most fantastic time of your gambling life!