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What does Keno mean?

You will probably be surprised to learn that Keno is one of the easiest games in the world. Keno resembles the game of Lotto but it came to us from China. It will take you 15 minutes to remember the rules of Keno and with all that the game always offers you high prizes. To begin with you have to choose a number ranged from 1 to 80, which is marked on the card and the number of spots. For example, you chose eight spots, this will be so-called eight-spot Keno. Now you will have to match the winning numbers to get your victory. The tricky point is that the winning numbers in Keno are selected randomly.

The features of the Online Keno

Keno is loved by thousands of gamblers all over the world. No wonder casino software developers created new virtual types of this game. The first type of virtual Keno is Video Keno offered in the majority of online gaming zones. As a rule this kind of game is the best for players preferring minimal bets.

There is also the Online Keno. This type of the game enjoys great popularity these days. No wonder! With Online Keno you can have a faster game pace (the results are known within several minutes) and the comfort of your own home.

One more type of Keno is the Flash Keno. The advantage of this kind of the game is the possibility to download it and there is no need to pay for the game. It is the best for the beginners playing for fun.

Major Information about Playing Keno

As a rule online casino games require experience and strategy from the gambler to win. In this respect Keno is very different. There are several circumstances affecting the game – players control what numbers they wish to place in the card and they can check out their bets. That is why it is possible to place a "way" bet this way increasing the current wager. But all the same in Keno it is impossible to calculate the outcome. In fact, you cannot employ any winning strategy at all. It is a pure game of chance, so enjoy it as it is!

Bear in mind that Keno requires careful money management just like any other game you can enjoy online!