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The Game of Roulette

You have doubtlessly heard about playing Roulette in your childhood and tried this game many times since then. It is surprising to see how this little bright wheel makes scores of aroused people scream with joy and cry with disappointment! There is something unexplainably charming about Roulette and every day this passionate game receives a new army of admirers.

Roulette is a real Queen of the most popular casino games that is why today you can find it in every live casino as well as at every gaming site. It is a bit of surprise to learn that many Roulette enthusiasts started to play it because its rules are so easy to remember!

Everything You Need to Know About Roulette

There are two commonly used kinds of Roulette tables in the world. In the United States you will find the "double zero wheel" also known as the American Roulette. This wheel has the numbers 1 to 36, a 0 and 00 on it. This kind of table offers its players the edge of at least 5%. The European roulette wheel is used all over the world. It has the numbers 1 to 36 plus a 0 on it. This kind of house offers you the winning edge of 2.5% only.
To make a perfect game of Roulette you do not have to master or remember any winning strategy at all! You simply place your bets on any number you like.

With a piece of sheer luck you can always win and get a lot of delicious payouts.
Remember that you can always bet:
on a straight (choosing a single number from 35 to 1);
on a split (choosing two numbers from 17 to 1);
on a street (choosing three numbers from 11 to 1);
on a square (choosing four numbers from 8 to 1);
on a line (choosing five numbers from 6 to 1);
on a column (choosing 12 numbers);
odds (1:1);
High and Low.

All you Need to Know to Play Roulette

Always bear in mind that Roulette is a game of chance. Every spin of its wheel can bring you gambling ups and downs and the outcome remains a total mystery. You do not have to calculate or count anything, no strategy used is able of increasing your winning chances. Try your hand in both kinds of Roulette! Remember that the American roulette always offers you higher winnings because here you deal with double zero instead of one.